Posts Dynamic Talks - ML Driven Sales and Marketing for Everyone

Dynamic Talks - ML Driven Sales and Marketing for Everyone

The good folks at Grid Dynamics have been scheduling meetups filled with interesting talks in a range of topics spanning data science, machine learning and AI. I had the opportunity to attend one of their talks in Palo Alto (Dynamic Talks Silicon Valley: Voice Platforms, Conversational Commerce, and NLU and was invited to speak at a subsequent event in San Francisco (Dynamic Talks SF: Advanced Machine Learning for Customer Intelligence).

Here’s an abstract of my talk and also attached is a link to my slides (Dynamic Talks: ML Driven Sales and Marketing for Everyone).

Sales and marketing teams in enterprises have too many leads to pursue but have limited time and budget at their disposal. To build a strong sales pipeline, marketers should target their prospects with the right content to engage their interests and nurture them before handing them off to their sales teams. Prioritizing the right deals requires effective strategies for scoring leads and opportunities for sales teams and accurately forecasting opportunities help them identify issues early to meet their targets. In this talk, we will look under the hood of the machine learning pipelines in Salesforce Einstein that help sales and marketing teams win more deals. We will share our journey on interpretable models to earn the trust of our customers by providing actionable insights with our predictions. Additionally, we will also describe how we generate scores and insights for all customers through a model tournament, so that enterprises and small businesses alike can benefit from our machine learning products.

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