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I currently lead engineering for machine learning products in Salesforce Einstein. Previously at Salesforce, I led the Customer Intelligence data science team, solving problems in customer growth, retention and platform adoption.

I have held various roles as a software engineer, ML engineer, data scientist and manager in my career. I led data science projects for customers in multiple industry verticals at Pivotal, alongside building and expanding in-database machine learning algorithms in Apache MADlib. I was a lead engineer in an R&D incubation team building NLP powered Android applications in XPERIA smartphones at Sony Mobile and ML products at Sony PlayStation. I started my career in the SF Bay Area as a software engineer building the reporting and dashboarding capability in the Analytics team at Salesforce. Previously, I was a summer research intern at IBM Almaden Research and long before all of this, I was building machine learning and data exploration algorithms for computational drug discovery at Strandgenomics.

I graduated with a Masters in Computer Sciences from UT Austin where my thesis and research focussed on graphical models for weakly supervised sequence prediction problems in NLP. I love hiking, running, mountaineering and contributing to open source tools while tinkering with Python :-).

If you are interested in knowing more, you can read my bio that Salesforce recently published, based on a podcast I did with HackerEarth.