Posts All Things Python @ Pivotal

All Things Python @ Pivotal

I presented all the glorious thing our team of data scientists and machine learning engineers at Pivotal build with Python. From our massively parallel processing database - Greenplum MPP, our in-database machine learning library - Apache MADlib, to the open source multi-cloud application platfrom - Cloud Foundry, Python is at the heart of many technologies built at Pivotal.

As data scientists and ML engineers, we have the privilege to harness these tools at scale to solve business problems for our customers. In cluded in this talk is an overview of how we leverage Python in our day-to-day lives as data scientists and engineers and some pretty cool demos of data science applications built on Cloud Foundry, Greenplum MPP and Apache MADlib.

You can watch a recording of this session below.

All Things Python @ Pivotal

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